“Dunks on the Sidewalk” by Andrea Phillips-Merriman

On the sidewalk, the concrete slabs undulating like a snake mirroring the bends in the road, I stop to avoid stepping on fruit the size of small marbles. In the area where the still laden branches overhang the fence, the fruit congregate. And I bend to pick them up. Not particularly caring who sees meContinue reading ““Dunks on the Sidewalk” by Andrea Phillips-Merriman”

“Ebb and Flow” by Isabella Dy

The fury of the sea bathes the bluff in wrathWretched, how she wrecks at her wits’ endStoic and unwavering in her pitying precipiceHe murmurs calming curses as his chest meets her fistsHer driftwood daggers splinter in feeble attempts to pierce his egoStill her tide rolls in, she follows where he goesWithout him, she might floodContinue reading ““Ebb and Flow” by Isabella Dy”

“She’s an Artist – She Don’t Look Back” by Jill Sebacher

She strides beside me through the airport throng,Hand pressed firmly in mine, a mother’sEnchantment against too many strangers. Blondish curls bounce against six-year-old shoulders;Eyes, gumball-wide, scan the long queue at security,Look back up at me. Months ago, she announced after schoolOn September 12th: I’m never getting on a plane again, not even to see Gram.News,Continue reading ““She’s an Artist – She Don’t Look Back” by Jill Sebacher”

“I’ve Never Fallen In Love” by Elizabeth Singh

                                 I’ve never fallen in love,               But I’ve watched enough teen films to make up for the lack.                                  I’ve never fallen in love,                  But I’ve memorized the sounds of my friends’ laughter and the creases in their temples when they smile. I’ve binged television shows late at night with my sisters beside meContinue reading ““I’ve Never Fallen In Love” by Elizabeth Singh”

“Keep on” by Chris Brown

A year before her deatha poet said she believed in meShe told me to keep writingSo now I walk a pathI search for words through tears,and these words found youThis poet brought us together,and we should thank herShe’s sweet,hosting a party she can’t attend A woman’s spirit guides my voice,is that scary?She who lives beyondContinue reading ““Keep on” by Chris Brown”

“Reef Heart” by Krista Ruffo

I will liveNot as a fish, swimming with the flow,But as the coral,Unmoving against the harshest of tides.I will remain fixed and ready for whatever may be thrown against me,And become a safehouse for those who may need me—Those who float along and are lost in these dark waters—So that they may seek shelter behindContinue reading ““Reef Heart” by Krista Ruffo”