“Ebb and Flow” by Isabella Dy

The fury of the sea bathes the bluff in wrath
Wretched, how she wrecks at her wits’ end
Stoic and unwavering in her pitying precipice
He murmurs calming curses as his chest meets her fists
Her driftwood daggers splinter in feeble attempts to pierce his ego
Still her tide rolls in, she follows where he goes
Without him, she might flood the world
Islands fill with long lost boys and washed up girls
Time will see him crumble as she storms and rages
so the Sun will lock her up in its clouded cages
but when it rains, it pours, my dearest
The very moment I grow nearest,
your rubble will make me of saltwater and hate
Yet you’ll still swear the that the two of us are all tied up by fate,
that the cracks in your side are healed by my touch
I’ll get caught on jagged edges and freeze until too much
of me is part of you, and you know me far too well
It’s no wonder that it’s coldest in the last circle of hell
I know that you’re a dreamer, but this nightmare you’re pursuing
will leave me sunken in the sands, and I’ll be your undoing


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